Through impatience, King David almost missed God’s promise, Israel’s throne, and his place in the lineage of Christ.  By his decision to compromise and settle for “good,” he almost lost God’s best.

  • Impatience is a costly vice.
  • Impatience is a facet of unbelief.
  • Unbelief is the basis for sin.

The “prodigal son” in the parable of Jesus was impatient to gain his inheritance, and because he wasn’t mature or responsible enough to take care of it, he squandered it.

Men pay the highest cost for the lowest living.

More men miss God’s answers to prayers, fulfillment of dreams and realization of hopes through impatience than through anything else.

There is no impatience in God.

Some people don’t pray long enough, believe long enough, trust long enough, hold on long enough or wait long enough and lose instead of win.

“I cannot count the times I have received a letter from some desperate man, asking for prayer because of some crisis, only to receive a jubilant letter a few months later from the same man, saying, “You won’t believe what happened to me!” – Edwin Louis Cole

The Scripture teaches, “Praise is comely for the upright.”

Believers have a right to praise God in the midst of crisis and temptation, because at that moment, by faith, they know God is working for their good.

Take Apostle Paul’s shipwreck for example.  When it appeared the entire crew on board the ship with Paul would be lost in the midst of the storm, when all seemed pointless, Paul told the crew to be of “good cheer,” none would be lost.

When the ship sank and they came to land, Paul and his men were hosted by a company of people.  Out of the fire built on the beach for them came a poisonous snake that bit Paul.  He merely shrugged it off.  Amazed, the islanders watched to see if Paul would swell up and die.  Their superstitious nature caused them to think he must surely be an evil man to have a deadly snake bite him.  When nothing happened, they decided he must be a god.

Paul wasn’t God.  Paul trusted God.

Paul understood the purposes of God, had the mind of Christ and in the midst of his greatest trials and temptations, could comfort a panic-stricken crew and shake a viper into the fire.  Paul feared no evil because God was with him.

The purposes of God are going to be served by God and by God Himself.

We are not the initiators of our salvation, the originators of grace of the completers of our lives – we are His “workmanship.”  We are identified with Him by the blood of Christ, born of His Spirit and His incorruptible Word.

It is God’s will that men be saved.  It is not His will that nay should be lost.  He sent His Son into the world to redeem the world so that men should not perish but have everlasting life. God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved.

If God went to such lengths to deliver us from sin, surely He will go to great lengths to deliver us from all our trials.

Even at this moment as you read this, it makes no difference what you are going through, what your circumstances may be, how you are tempted.  The truth is, God is not going to disown you.  You have received His nature by the new birth.  To disown you would be to disown Himself.  That He will not do.

God is working for your good.  Just because you don’t feel like you have any faith left doesn’t make God dead.

You may blow hot or cold, feel up or down, be optimistic or pessimistic, but God never does.

God will be God no matter what you do.  You can trust Him.  You can praise Him.  You trust during crisis, be it trial or temptation, is not in your abilities, talents, emotions, circumstances or even yourself – your trust is in the Living God.

In the moment of your need, your trust must be centered in God alone.

  • God was faithful to Elijah and David.
  • God never left them nor forsook them.
  • God would not deny them in their weakness.
  • God took care of them supernaturally.
  • God spoke to them.
  • God kept them.

Elijah traded a juniper tree for a chariot of fire.  David traded Ziklag for a throne.  God took their weaknesses and gave them His strength.

  • God will do for you what He did for them.
  • God will not leave you nor forsake you.
  • God will not deny you in your trial or temptation.



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